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2-Day FREE Workshop

Discover how to hire your dream wedding team….

And how to actually bring it all together for your wedding day

October 3 and 5th at 5 pm CST

What I’m going to share with you!

  • Hiring vendors for your aesthetic and budget.

  • The 1 question I still ask every vendor - even after almost 10 years of event planning.

  • Unique vendors you may not have thought of. 

  • Learn the concept of building an awesome timeline.

  • Next steps after booking all vendors.

  • Deep dive into 1 vendor’s logistics!

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Presented by Andrea Mock
Creator of Wedding Blueprint Co

With almost 10 years of event planning experiences, I have found that couples planning a large event for the first time don’t know what they don’t know when planning a wedding - AND THAT IS OK! 


Logistics have always been my jam and I’m a woo girl, so let’s get you feeling confident with wedding planning!


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