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Are you engaged and don't know where to start

Does it feel overwhelming, thinking about planning a wedding?

Are you confused about what to ask the vendors you want to hire?

Does creating a detailed timeline freak you out?

Are you confused on the creating the ceremony flow, making a seating chart or if you are buying enough alcohol for your DIY bar?

Are you concerned about your budget?

Are you wanting the expertise, guidance and tips, but aren't hiring a planner? 

Fear, not.

THE solution is coming.

While everyone says being a fiancé is one of the best times in your life - being engaged can also be stressful AF when planning a wedding. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have...


a step by step plan,

a to do list based off of YOUR needs and vendors, and tips from pro?



Your customizable, wedding planning toolkit.

  • Customizable timeline based off YOUR vendors

  • Questionnaires to help you hire the right vendors

    • The fluffy getting to know you questions and the logistics details you will need to know!

  • Helpful Tidbits based off the month out from your wedding date

  • Budgeting template ​​

    • includes tips and over 50+ line items of expenses to consider

  • Downloadables to help you plan: seating chart template, budget template, check lists, inventory sheet, etc.

  • Helpful Resources to assist in your planning

    • Think of this like a blog, but info you can't find on Pinterest!

  • And more!

Launching Soon!

Don't miss out to learn more and get early access!

You're going to love it!

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