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5 MUST do Things the Day Before Your Wedding

So you have done allllll of the preparations for the past 8+ months for your wedding and NOW we are approaching your wedding day.

Certainly there are lists to check off, errands to run around town, pickups to be picked up, and all while being so excited for your big day!

The day before wedding, here are 5 must dos:


There are a few ways to do this, but CASH is king!

How to pay:

  • Option 1: You could ask for everyone’s venmo/cashapp/Zelle and send via the apps

  • Option 2: Organized cash in envelopes (be sure identify each envelope) for each person/vendor

    • Sometimes there will be more than 1 person as part of the vendor team, so you can do one lump sum or one envelope for each person. You may have to ask for how many people will be onsite.

  • Option 3: Ask to add a tip to the final bill.

Who to pay:

It is COMPLETELY up to you based on your service and support received, but also so mega appreciated.

PRO TIP: In addition to tips, reviews are also super well received and help vendors to continue to grow their business and show proof of concept for new potential clients.

Steam/Press Attire

We recommend having all items steamed the day prior to ensure it’s one less thing to worry about on wedding day. Avoid a steamy room when you are trying to get hair and makeup done.

This not only includes, wedding dress, suit/tux, after party attire, rehearsal attire, BUT ALSO your wedding party! If you can encourage them to complete their steaming ahead of time it will not only make their lives easier, but avoid any “oh sh*t” moments the day of!

Organize Details for Photographer

Oftentimes the photographer will be taking photos of details when they arrive on wedding day, having them organized in a corner/box/area is ideal so you can avoid the run around in the morning!

Details items include things like:

  • Jewelry (rings, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, necklaces, hair pieces, earrings, etc.)

  • Accessories (purses, tie/bowtie, shoes, veil, pocket square, etc.)

  • Branded items (flask, gifts, purse, handkerchief, vow booklets, etc.)

  • Clothing/Attire (dress, suit/tux, etc.)

PRO TIP: You can ask the florist to bring the personal flowers before the photographers arrive to have those in the photos as accents!


Having a rehearsal will help everyone know what to do, how to do the hand off, where to sit, where to stand etc. Even if you are having a micro wedding, we recommend spending about 10-15 minutes to walk through the ceremony.

No, it’s not hard, but often times couples/family members ask questions like: What do I do with my bouquet? How do I do the hand off? Where do I go after I walk? Etc.

Good night sleep

You may think “no way, I can't sleep”, I’m getting married tomorrow! But, I HIGHLY recommend making an effort to have a solid 6-7 hours of sleep to prepare you for the next day!

Your body, emotions, adrenalin, mind, nerves, will be heightened, if not in overdrive.

Having a good night sleep will absolutely help to not just be living off of champagne and adrenalin!

Happy Wedding! You got this!

Wedding Affirmation: My wedding is planned and everything is going to work out!

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