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5 tips for an outdoor garden home wedding

Our couple, Ellen and Danny, had a vision for their intimate garden wedding in New Orleans, at The Mazant, an Airbnb in the Bywater. All of the small details came together perfectly for their intimate celebration of love.


Be sure to keep these tips in mind when planning your home or Airbnb wedding!

Historic Outdoor Garden Wedding

1. Love your rain plan

If you have to implement it, then you want to ensure you like it.

2. Clean up crew

As the venue was an Airbnb and not a venue with event staffing, be sure to account for clean up and tasks that typical venue staff manages: clean up, trash, lights, set up, flipping the space, etc.

3. Noise Ordinances

Triple-check the local regulations for noise in neighborhoods! You don’t want the police to shut down your wedding early due to noise violations. Noise ordinance in New Orleans is 10 pm.

4. Have a ceremony rehearsal

While you may be having a small ceremony and guest count, it is also helpful to run through the ceremony details with everyone who is participating in it. There are always questions about cues, how to hand off, where to put flowers, when to sit/stand, where to sit/stand, and more! It can only take 20 minutes, but will be well worth it!

5. Airbnb/Home Rules

As the property is not a “typical” venue, they most likely have rules that you need to abide by. Some of these rules may be, location of music, if bands are allowed, where tents cannot go (think rain plan), trash removal, number of guests permitted, and more.

At-home weddings or Airbnb weddings, can be so fun, unique, and inanimate, and also can bring other logistic elements to consider rather than at a more traditional wedding venue!

Happy Planning!

See more photos of their New Orleans Airbnb wedding HERE.

Here are all the vendors that helped bring it together:

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